Get Involved


Caxton House Community Centre is proud of the programs we offer and is always on the look out for enthusiastic members of the community that want to get involved and give back. As a community hub, there are a number of different groups and projects that need a helping hand; we work with individuals, the local authority, voluntary organisations and other community projects that may have other volunteering opportunities available.


We are currently seeking volunteers for a variety of areas within the centre, such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Community projects
  • Gardening and cleaning

If you are interested in volunteering then please contact us.

  • Events


Goodgym are a group of runners that combines regular exercise with helping their local community. We’ve been working with GoodGym for several years, and the help they offer really is invaluable. They run hundreds of kilometres a year alone to help us. By doing something as simple as a leaflet drop, they help us get the word out about our activities and events, and in turn, have helped residents gain access to support that is often sorely needed. Their help has meant we have a more welcoming centre for local residents and has enabled us to run more in spaces that were previously unusable, overgrown or just looking a bit sad. We can always rely on them to help us tackle the jobs we just don’t have the resources to do alone.


It’s rare to find a volunteer group that is so committed, while being able to be flexible and accommodating to the needs of the organisations they’re helping. We can’t recommend them enough, so if you’re a community organisation, a person in need, or someone looking to get fit and give back, then check out GoodGym

"Volunteering at Caxton House for me has been an organic experience.  I discovered Caxton House when I was looking for a local pilates class.  From there I found out about the Lifestyle Tuesdays which offers lessons in crafting which I still attend today some three years or so later.  I’ve also attended cooking classes there.


Lockdown meant that all classes had to end and I was approached, along with one of the regular volunteers, to make some cooking instruction videos.  And that’s where volunteering began for me.  I have since started volunteering in the garden where we hope to grow fruit and vegetables which we can use in future cooking classes.  I am also currently training to teach parents and children how to cook which I am hugely excited about.


I have said “yes” to things that I would not have been completely comfortable with (like the cooking videos) because of the trust I have with the people at Caxton and their skills.  For example, our first attempt at the videos would not have been a success had it not been for Rose’s skillful editing!  Also, I have done online training in food hygiene and safety and have had online and in-person training to enable me to then train others to cook and that has all been organized by the staff at Caxton.


A little bit about me.  I have suffered from panic attacks for many years which, at one point, left me scared to leave the house.  I have worked really hard for several years and can now do lots of things by myself, but I can’t travel too far away from home on my own.  Having Caxton House so close by has been wonderful for me as it has given me opportunities to meet people, learn new skills and regain confidence in myself and my abilities.  Volunteering at Caxton has really encouraged that.  The staff at Caxton recognized skills in me that I wasn’t aware of and have nurtured them.  And in doing so have allowed me to give back to the center and to the community.  I’d say that was a win, win."