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Caxton House Community Centre is proud of the programs we offer and is always on the look out for enthusiastic members of the community that want to get involved and give back. As a community hub, there are a number of different groups and projects that need a helping hand; we work with individuals, the local authority, voluntary organisations and other community projects that may have other volunteering opportunities available.


We are currently seeking volunteers for a variety of areas within the centre, such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Community Projects
  • Gardening, DIY and Cleaning

If you are interested in volunteering then please contact us.

  • Events


"I first heard about the IT volunteer support sessions at Caxton House through my key-worker at Hillside Clubhouse. The sessions appealed to me because I would be giving something back to my local community whilst continuing my past working role in IT support.

I started volunteering with Caxton House several years ago. I help out with the drop-in IT sessions once a week. We offer 1 to 1 support with technical issues for Laptops, iPads and smartphones. In addition we offer an introduction to MSOffice tuition covering Word and Excel. People can bring in their Laptop, tablet or phone and we repair or recover their device or show them how to use them. It can be challenging because you never know who will turn up and with what problem. We like to work as a team as I work alongside 2 other volunteers – we can usually solve a problem if we all get our heads together. This has taught me the importance of teamwork and has boosted my self confidence.

We have regulars who have been attending for over a year. They are learning advanced MS Office from a set of exercises we have devised. Despite repeated pestering they have not yet persuaded me to attend Zumba classes with them on Tuesdays, but you never know. It is important to realise that for some attending the sessions, it is a social thing and to that end we like to have a laugh whilst typing a document about Ada Lovelace for example.

Paul and Sue, have supported us throughout our tenure by buying laptops as required and ensuring that we have sufficient equipment and cover for the sessions. It is good to know that, over the years, we have established a place where people can come to get free impartial advice on their IT Devices without resorting to third party PC shops where they could be charged a fortune, or worse, ripped off. Long live the volunteer!