Get Involved


Caxton House Community Centre is proud of the programs we offer and is always on the look out for enthusiastic members of the community that want to get involved and give back. As a community hub, there are a number of different groups and projects that need a helping hand; we work with individuals, the local authority, voluntary organisations and other community projects that may have other volunteering opportunities available.


We are currently seeking volunteers for a variety of areas within the centre, such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Community Projects
  • Gardening, DIY and Cleaning

If you are interested in volunteering then please contact us.

  • Events


GoodGym Islington

Goodgym are a group of runners that combines regular exercise with helping their local community. We’ve been working with GoodGym for several years, and the help they offer really is invaluable. They run hundreds of kilometres a year alone to help us. By doing something as simple as a leaflet drop, they help us get the word out about our activities and events, and in turn, have helped residents gain access to support that is often sorely needed. Their help has meant we have a more welcoming centre for local residents and has enabled us to run more in spaces that were previously unusable, overgrown or just looking a bit sad. We can always rely on them to help us tackle the jobs we just don’t have the resources to do alone.


It’s rare to find a volunteer group that is so committed, while being able to be flexible and accommodating to the needs of the organisations they’re helping. We can’t recommend them enough, so if you’re a community organisation, a person in need, or someone looking to get fit and give back, then look no further. 

"I started volunteering at Caxton House as a means to give something back to the community and the experience has proved very positive. I suffer from depression, self-esteem and confidence issues, and my support worker suggested volunteering would be of benefit. Working with the team and engaging with the local community has been enjoyable and highly rewarding. I have been involved with the IT drop-in weekly sessions offering advice, technical help, and one-on-one training.


Our small team of volunteers can usually address most technical issues and provide tuition with using laptops, phones, and iPad. We provide an introduction for using MSOffice applications, and most other programs or apps, plus we offer a range of advanced training with exercises and personalised assistance.  The IT drop-in is a great place for free impartial advice about all IT related issues. Overall, it's an excellent free to use service, run by dedicated volunteers with outstanding support from the Caxton House management team.


On a personal level, volunteering at Caxton House offers a great place to apply some of my skills, knowledge, and experience. It’s very satisfying making a tangible difference helping people that may otherwise have no reliable access to assistance with IT issues. And, it’s a marvellous opportunity for me to restore some confidence in myself through engagement with the local community.


I also, really enjoy the social dimension of the drop-in sessions. The regular users of our services come from many different backgrounds, with interesting stories and experiences to share. The environment creates a relaxing space for social interaction and a chat. And, having a regular place to meet new people and build social relationships really helps mitigate social isolation and provides a sense of belonging in the heart of the community."