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Our Aims and Objectives

Caxton House Community Centre is a vibrant community hub based near Archway in the London Borough of Islington. We host a number of weekly services and activities across a wide range of themes, including health and well-being, employability and training, environment and advice. Look at our Projects page and Weekly Activities for more information.


Organisations co-located at the centre include: London Capital Credit Union, Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women's Organisation (KMEWO), Octopus Community Network, Choices C.I.C, Elthorne Pride (Big Local Initiative) and Scarabeus Aerial Theatre.

We are committed to the goals of community development, in which the people of the neighbourhood are responsibly involved in solving problems, rather than as recipients of services provided by others.


We are concerned with the fulfilment of individuals, the growth of self-confidence and the acceptance of responsibility.

Caxton House will be autonomous, and have a variety of projects that cross-fertilise each other and involve all age groups of the community.


We shall be active in working and co-ordinating with other groups and agencies in the area. We expect to be involved in looking ahead in planning to meet the needs of the people.


We are determined to avoid concentrating on symptoms to the exclusion of causes.