Grow Wild at Caxton House


 Grow Wild at Caxton House

Summer Lunch


Thursday 29th March & Thursday 19th April 2018

in the Café Area (ground floor)


Although most of the flowers won't be out until next year, we thought we'd take the opportunity to celebrate all the volunteers hard work and our wonderful green space; with cake, tea and more! 


We started on the Thursday 10th May by getting the toughest work out of the way, clearing and preparing the space for sowing; followed by a healthy(ish) lucn to keep us going. A highlight of the day was the generous donations of some lovely Agapanthus plants by one of the volunteers. 


Our second session, Sow n Go, involved everyone giving the space a quick spruce up and then sowing our lovely donated seeds! We had to do some quick adapting on site, due to some missing watering cans, but got the job done in the end. A huge thank you to Kew Gardens and Grow Wild.