Community Hubs: Caxton House & HLECA

Caxton House Community Centre is a Community Hub in partnership with Hornsey Lane Estate Community Association 


In Partnership

By working as a Community Hub, Caxton House and HLECA are a partnership and benefit from our shared experience, as well as help lighten the load on both smaller and larger local community organisations.

Setting Standards

Focusing on Community

We're better able to focus on our local community by offering more relevant and in need services through shared resources, more focused projects and by having a wider reach. 

Community Hubs help ensure key areas of good practice are upheld throughout both organisations, with shared access to a wealth of advice, guidance and procedures.

About Hornsey Lane Estate Community Association (HLECA)                                                

Hornsey lane Estate Community Association strives to provide activities and support for all members of the community some of our specialist services include our nursery, out of school hour’s provision, older people’s services, youth club, employment and work clubs and advice & information.

Hornsey Lane Estate Community Centre, Hazellville Road, London N19 3YJ    Tel: 0207 272 5938    Email:

“Being a Hub is important to us as it has enabled us to be creative and respond to local needs. The support of other Hubs has ensured that we are able to share resources, learn new techniques and keep up to date with current trends and ideas.”              HLECA

Community Hubs provide a focal point and facilities to foster greater local community activity and bring residents, the local business community, and smaller organisations together to improve the quality of life in their areas.


In Islington, a Community Hub is a building that is accessible to all groups in the neighbourhood or area that it serves. It is a multi-purpose Community Centre providing a range of high quality and cost effective services to the local community, with the potential to develop new services in response to changing community needs.


A Community Hub will have strong working relationships with other local community services - for example, tenant halls/rooms, Children's Centres, nurseries, extended schools and faith groups. Community Hubs should be a base for outreach and signposting people to other local services.